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I fancy myself an inventor. My first patentMore patents

I also make things, like the color wand, the laser fountain, and the Micro Rhythm Orchestra...

...not to mention other artifacts.

Some interactive things to play with.

Now and then I make music...  like this...  or this.

I helped weld the armature and branches for the Bone Tree

With assistance from Cyclopath, I did the low-voltage lighting for the truly awesome Carthedral (artist: Rebecca Caldwell). 

I carried a spear (and a lot of other junk, too) for the Ship-to-Ship project. Here are some STS pictures STS phot byJohn Wendt (photo courtesy John Wendt).

I helped Kal with electronics for his indescribable cool wearable robot thing: Monkey On Your Back, as well as some other stuff.

Thanks to Karen, I spoke at a dorkbot.  Here's some supplementary information from my talk.

I showed some art at RoboDock in Amsterdam, and took some pictures.

In 2005 I built some electronic "color goggles." They seem pretty popular when I bust them out:

 I've been managing to get out of my cave a little, judging by recent photographic evidence:

Here's me, "open dorking" at the Maker Faire: phot credit: Rich Gibson
(where I also showed some stuff, like lamps  and the Laser Projection Oscilloscope: photo credit: Michael Prados )

Me and some other goofs ran the wrong way at bay to breakers, wearing fish costumes. breakers to bay (Geddit?)

That's me in the Lab Coat of Authority running the sumo competition at Robogames 2006: photo credit: Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

Here's one of my new boxes at the July 2006 Dorkbot: photo credit: Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

In 2006, I participated in considerable foolishness out there in the desert.
Recently, I've been guest-blogging at Some of my more amusing posts concern surplusMaywa Denki, and gratuitous Muppet whoopee.  (Plus, in the self-promotion department, a little gadget I built for dorkbot.)

I went on a little trip to the opera. In Death Valley. Amargosa trip

This is mildly terrifying, but I seem to be turning into something of a technology pundit. (Now if I were truly smart,  I would figure out how to get paid for writing this stuff):

Some find my writing amusing. Judge for yourself: