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These are Jim McGuinn's knees, at a memorable Nelsons gig at the now-defuct Surf's Up in Newport, RI  




I'm a musician of sorts. I play primarily electric bass, because it requires surprisingly little in the way of talent, but have also played guitar, synthesizers, and assorted audio rocket science. Nothing particularly brilliant, but hey, really not too terrible either.


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Historical Curiosities:

I've been in innumerable bands. Of this fact there is some (perhaps too much) recorded evidence.

Of that which exists, you may judge for yourself. Chacun à son goût 

      (NB: the absence of links means I haven't gotten around to it yet, and may be a good sign that I actually have a life).  

Ionisation (1982-1984)

4 superb musicians -- plus me. It was the 80s, the wave was new, and synthesizers were monophonic. I guess you could call it "art-funk." Pretty downtown for Upstate. 

Wild Green (1985)

Infant Lab (1985) 

I actually possess recordings of this landmark ensemble, but you may take comfort in the fact that there is no way that am I going to make them public. 

The Geckos (1987)

From art-funk to post-punk, with that mean Beantown sound. The jock on WMBR called us a "summer replacement band," which would have hurt our feelings had it not been so true.

The Nelsons (Mark I) (1989) (info)

Not to be confused with the eponymous brothers Nelson. (Though we did manage to give the latter a copy of our demo tape during a Providence, RI shopping mall appearance. Theirs, I'm pleased to report, not ours.)

The Nelsons (Mark II) (1990)

Oh my goodness. Those legendary gigs at the "Smellham," in Newport. The fame. The groupies. Just shows how badly alcohol can damage some people's judgment.

The Nelsons (Mark III) (1991)

In which there were, er, "creative differences" with Mark II personnel... (Karen, you're still the best drummer on the planet.)

The Wallflowers (1993)

Not to be confused with the similarly-named band, whom we antedated by something like a year. This time we were the plural ones.

Waterstone (2001-?)

Where Dave does a nice job being earnest without being cheesy.  Follow the links for pix and tunes. I would describe our sound as somewhere between Radiohead and Tom Petty. Highlights:


In roughly chronological order: huge thanks to Eric Feinstein, Roger Feinstein, Patio, Rap, Gregory Taylor, Charlie Grimm, Kate, Rich, Paul, Joy, That Cool Guy from Waverly, RI, J. R. and Bix, the Philtres, Beth, Tim, Pat Cottrell, the Gigolo Aunts, Jeff's Mom, Chuck Ciany, Dave, Brian, Jay, and lots of other excellent people I've probably forgotten (sorry!).