jonathan foote  

laser fountain






The Laser Fountain was a relatively unsuccessful attempt at Burning Man installation. It's a recirculating fountain that sends water jets through three nozzles into a basin. The trick is to arrange a laser to shoot out through each nozzle. Because of total internal reflection, the laser light will follow the arc of the water stream.

This was relatively simple to arrange, using a pipe T-junction with a glass window epoxied across from the nozzle on the crossbar, and the water input down leg. The laser shines right through the window and out the nozzle, coaxial with the jet.
The long collimating nozzle helps generate a smooth unbroken jet of water.
    apparatus to put laser light coaxial with water jet


Result: if you cup your hands under the stream, you are rewarded with a pretty handful of wet green light

I underestimated its attraction for handwashing (as well as light-splashing), and I only brought two changes of water, which were quickly muddied. Like so many BM projects, dust was its ultimate downfall.

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