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Andreas Girgensohn, John Boreczky, Lynn Wilcox, and Jonathan Foote. Facilitating Video Access by Visualizing Automatic Analysis. In Human-Computer Interaction INTERACT '99, IOS Press, pp. 205-212, 1999.

Abstract: When reviewing collections of video such as recorded meetings or presentations, users are often interested only in an overview or short segments of these documents. We present techniques that use automatic feature analysis, such as slide detection and applause detection, to help locate the desired video and to navigate to regions of interest within it. We built a web-based interface that graphically presents information about the con-tents of each video in a collection such as its keyframes and the distribution of a particular feature over time. A media player is tightly integrated with the web interface. It supports navigation within a selected file by visualiz-ing confidence scores for the presence of features and by using them as index points. We conducted a user study to refine the usability of these tools.