Audio Retrieval by Rhythmic Similarity

Jonathan Foote, Matthew Cooper, Unjung Nam

This page contains audio data for the experiments in the paper "Audio Retrieval by Rhythmic Similarity" .  (PDF, 395 kb)

As published in Proc. Third International Symposium on Musical Information Retrieval, September 2002, Paris.


Experiment 1: 

To isolate the effect of tempo on the measurement, we generated different-tempo versions of the identical musical excerpt (“Tangerine” by Apostrophe Ess). This is easily done using commercially available music editing software, which can change the duration of a musical waveform without altering the pitch. This musical excerpt consists of 16 4/4 bars of vocals and live instrumentals over a rhythmic beat and is thus more realistic than a synthesizer-only MIDI realization. The original excerpt was played at 120 beats per minute (bpm; also denoted MM). Ten tempo variations were generated at 2 bpm intervals from 110 to 130 bpm. Thus the test corpus consists of 11 musical excerpts identical save for the tempo. Samples were 22.05 kHz mono before mp3 encoding.

This music is © Sean Householder 2001. All rights reserved. 

Experiment 2: 

The corpus for this experiment are 10-second excerpts taken from the audio track of  “Musica Si,” a pop-music variety show produced by RTVE (Spain), and available as item V22 of the MPEG-7 Content Set. This is a good source for these experiments as it both contains a variety of popular musical styles, and has been released under a copyright that allows research use. Excerpts were 10 seconds long and are labeled with the start time from the beginning of the video. Samples have been converted to 22.05 kHz mono.


Index Waveform Time (mm:ss) Song Title (approximate) Description Relevance Set 
seg0912.mp3 09:12  “Toto Para Me"  acoustic guitar + vocals
seg0902.mp3  09:02   "Toto Para Me"   acoustic guitar + vocals A
3 seg0852.mp3  08:52   "Toto Para Me"  acoustic guitar + vocals A
seg0726.mp3 07:26   "Never Loved You Anyway"  pop/rock chorus B
5 seg0633.mp3  06:33  "Never Loved You Anyway"   pop/rock chorus B
6 seg0602.mp3 06:02  "Never Loved You Anyway"  pop/rock verse  C
7 seg0552.mp3 05:52  "Never Loved You Anyway"  pop/rock verse C
seg0530.mp3 05:30  "Never Loved You Anyway"   pop/rock chorus
9 seg0453.mp3 04:53  "Never Loved You Anyway" pop/rock verse C
10  seg0139.mp3 01:39 "Everybody Dance Now" dance + rap vocals D
11 seg0129.mp3 01:29 "Everybody Dance Now" dance + rap vocals D
12 seg0119.mp3 01:19 "Everybody Dance Now" dance + vocals D
13 seg0025.mp3 00:25 "Musica Si Theme" theme + vocals E
14 seg0015.mp3 00:15 "Musica Si Theme"  theme + vocals E
15 seg0005.mp3 00:05 "Musica Si Theme" theme intro E

This music is reproduced here under the "Fair Use" clause of the 1976 Copyright Act (17 USCS §107).

Information on obtaining the MPEG-7 Content Set from which these samples were extracted.

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