Annotating Remote Reality with iLight

J. Foote, D. Kimber, T. Iyoda, T. Abe, K. Hirata, and J. Miyazaki



The iLight system allows remote users to draw using light projected on a real-life object or scene. Using an aligned camera/projector system, live video from the scene is presented as a drawable video image to one or more remote users. Graphics drawn directly on the video canvas are projected onto the scene visible in the camera. Thus remote users may annotate particular scene objects or features for local viewers, and can also display text and project arbitrary digital images. Drawn objects are pixel-aligned with the video, and unlike previous systems, there are no video feedback problems, nor are computer vision techniques required to detect objects or actions. We present two versions of the system: a lightweight, inexpensive 2D version suitable for shared whiteboards, and version with specialized optics designed for annotating three-dimensional objects.

submitted for publication in 2005

(PDF, 990 kb)